Information activities

Project coordinator | Prof. Giacomo Cocetta – University of Milan

The information activities will be aimed at giving as much information as possible regarding biostimulants, their correct use and the current regulatory and product framework. The actions will be developed through the organization of webinars, seminars and meetings dedicated to specific topics related to the world of biostimulants and their use in agriculture. All initiatives will be also recorded and shared online to allow a wider audience to follow and actively participate in the information events. In addition, face-to-face information days will be organized in order to allow moments of exchange and encourage connections and interactions between various players in the sector who will be involved at different levels along the entire supply chain.

Below is a summary of the planned activities, which will be updated periodically, providing all the operational details.

  • Kick off meeting | December 12, 2022: Project presentation;
  • First seminar | April 12, 2023: Legislative framework and classification of biostimulant products;
  • Second seminar | July 2023: The biostimulant market and the product registration process;
  • Presentation of the first demonstration activities | June 2023;
  • Workshop | September 2023: Presentation of first year results and new trials;
  • Third seminar | December 2023: Agronomic, physiological and product quality aspects;
  • Fourth seminar | February 2024: Abiotic stress and analysis techniques in the field and in the laboratory.
  • Conclusive conference | September 2024: Presentation of first year results and new trials; Final workshop/conference: presentation of all the demonstrative tests and concluding conference.

Disclosure material

Kick off meeting