Project Partners

Agricola 2000

Agricola 2000, a leader in the testing of new products and techniques for agriculture, acts as a subject of innovation for public and private companies and research institutes operating in the agribusiness sector, as well as in consultancy to companies and public administrations.

Agricola 2000 was one of the first companies acknowledged as a CRO by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in 1996, and as such carries out official studies to assess the efficacy (Good Efficacy Practices) and determine the extent of residues (Good Laboratory Practices) of plant protection products (PPPs) according to the latest European directives and Ministry of Health regulations.

In addition, agronomic and varietal trials and research activities are carried out on cultivars of grain and silage maize, soya, grain and silage sorghum, durum and common wheat, barley, sunflower, triticale, annual, summer and winter fodder, developed by public and private bodies. This research is conducted, depending on the crop, in the most suitable environments in each geographical region of Italy, in order to collect comparable biometric data useful for evaluating materials.

Finally, Agricola 2000 is increasingly becoming a point of reference for the characterisation of biostimulant products. The services offered by Agricola 2000 in the biostimulant sector are based on two points that can interact in parallel: field research and marketing support.

The constant presence and active participation in numerous international events confirms the company’s interest in increasing its knowledge on the subject and in sharing our experience with operators in the sector.

Gruppo di ricerca in orticoltura del DiSAA


Inside the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Landscape, Agroenergy of University of Milan, the UNIMI research group specialized in vegetables crop production has been dealing for years with various issues related to the production of horticultural species, cultivated in the open field and in protected environment, as well as their post-harvest management.

Main research interests:

  • Optimization of cultivation protocols, physiological and qualitative evaluation of horticultural species grown in the open field, in a protected environment and in closed cultivation systems (vertical farming);
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of biostimulant products on horticultural crops and study of their role in the response to abiotic stress;
  • Study of analysis methodologies and identification of suitable indexes for describing the quality of fruit and vegetable production;
  • Management of the post-harvest supply chain of leafy vegetables, fruits and flowers and study of the physiological processes that influence product quality;
  • Study of the mechanisms related to senescence.

The tasks of UNIMI in the BIOSTIMOLA project will be:

  • Coordination activities (Project manager: Giacomo Cocetta) and supervision of project activities (WP1);
  • Participation in demonstration activities (WP2) coordinated by Agricola 2000, with reference to analytical determinations in the field and in the laboratory and data analysis;
  • Organization and coordination of information activities (WP3).