The project

BIOSTIMOLA is a project financed by the Lombardy Region, within the Rural Development Program (PSR) – Operation 1.2.01, which identifies among the general strategic objectives that of “Promoting the competitiveness of agricultural, agri-food and forestry systems and the recovery of added value for the agricultural system through the diffusion of knowledge, innovations, integration and networks”.

In this context, Measure 1 of the RDPis dedicated to promoting the human potential of workers in the agricultural sector and improving the skills necessary to promote economic growth and the development of rural areas and to improve sustainability, competitiveness, efficient use of resources and environmental performance of farms. Furthermore, the measure helps to strengthen the links between agriculture and research.

In recent years, numerous experimental studies, conducted at various levels, from the laboratory to the field and viceversa, have made it possible to evaluate the efficacy of biostimulants, and in some cases have made it possible to define their mechanisms and mode of action. At the same time, sevral initiatives have taken place, aiming to defining and regulating the sector, providing various regulatory and technical tools, to support all the players and stakeholders involved in this sector, favoring its strong expansion.

Based on these assumptions, the project aims to promote the use of biostimulants as technical tools capable of improving and support the agricultural productions in a modern and sustainable perspective.

The project partners boast extensive knowledge of these products and of the experimentation and evaluation of their efficacy, from the laboratory to the field and vice versa, and based on this shared experience, BIOSTIMOLA’s ambition is to generate, collect and disseminate information and notions, which will serve as a support to those who will be able to benefit from the use of biostimulants, providing them with technical and applicative notions concerning the choice of products, the methods of application, dosages and the objective evaluation of their effectiveness and responses from crops, treated in different cultivation contexts.

According to the project’s objectives, the activities will be informative and demonstrative. The project will therefore be divided into two sub-projects, whose activities will advance in a coordinated and interconnected way, during the two years of activites.