The BIOSTIMOLA project is underway to optimize the use of biostimulants in agriculture

The kick-off meeting will be on 12 December from 14:00 to 16:00; the event is in presence will be at the University of Milan, alternatively, you can participate online. In order to attend the event, mandatory registration is required by emailing

The event will present activities aimed at enhancing the value of biostimulants, promoting their use as technical means capable of improving and enhancing agricultural production from a modern and sustainable perspective.

After the opening of the session, Elena Brugna, representative of Regione Lombardia, will present the PSR and the initiatives promoted by the region. This will be followed by Prof. Antonio Ferrante, who will contextualise the use of biostimulants in agriculture. Prof. Giacomo Cocetta and Marta Guarise, respectively coordinators of the information and demonstration activities, will then speak.
The event will end with a round table discussion.

BIOSTIMULA: the reality of biostimulants in the field. Project presentation